Assay Development and Drug Discovery Core

The Assay Development and Drug Discovery Core (AD&DD Core) provides in-house expertise to help scientists establish new assays or adapt existing ones for high-throughput screening. This expertise will accelerate research into target and drug-discovery phases and move their findings into clinical trials and potential therapies for disease. The core will complement high-throughput facilities for large small molecule libraries such as the Small Molecule Discover Center (SMDC) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Evotec and Sanford Burnham to screen for novel small molecule leads that ultimately could be used as therapies for disease.


  • Assay development for high-throughput assays:
    • High-content cell-based phenotypic screens (cell lines, primary cells, ipsc-derived human cells)
    • Target-based screens (ie ELISA assays)
  • Validation of HTS assays screening with select bioactive small molecules
  • Transfer of assays to high-throughput screening facilities
  • Fully annotated library of bioactive small molecules for target and drug discovery purposes
  • Screening of small focused libraries (i.e. Kinases, GPCRs, epigenetic factors) Contact to CROs and consultants for medicinal chemistry


The Assay Development & Drug Discovery Core recharges researchers at an hourly rate for use of equipment. For long-term projects, rates are billed as a “percent effort” on a grants. To request services from the Core, please use iLab Solutions. All requests will be pending until approved by Core staff. Please include payment information with your request.