Eva   Wang

Eva Wang

Bioinformatics Core Director, Ph.D.

Dr. Wang has over 15 years of academic and industrial experience focused on the intersection of computer science, biology and statistical learning approaches for genomic data mining and clinical applications. She has held various leadership positions at four successful biotech startup companies and worked at Affymetrix during the earlier years of her career. As the director of the Bioinformatics Core, she brings cutting-edge computational capabilities to the UCSF/Gladstone scientific community.

Kristina  Hanspers

Kristina Hanspers

Senior Research Associate

Kristina Hanspers, ME, is the Communications Coordinator for the National Resource for Network Biology. She is a senior research associate with a decade of experience as a microarray specialist. As the primary contact person for GenMAPP, she has contributed significantly to the widespread adoption, positive reputation and overall success of the project.

Alexander  Pico

Alexander Pico

Staff Research Scientist, Ph.D.

Alexander Pico, PhD, leads the Systems Biology Group of Gladstone Bioinformatics as Associate Director. He is also the Executive Director of the National Resource for Network Biology.

Katherine  Pollard

Katherine Pollard

Faculty Supervisor & Senior Investigator, Ph.D

Dr. Pollard’s lab develops statistical and computational methods for the analysis of massive genomic datasets. Her research focuses on genome evolution, in particular identifying DNA sequences that differ significantly between or within species, and the sequences’ relationship to biomedical traits. Many of these sequences are non-coding, such as regulatory signals, structural sites and RNA genes. Her lab web site can be found at:

Anders  Riutta

Anders Riutta

Bioinformatics Software Engineer III

Anders Riutta, MS, is a software developer on the project. His mission is opening up biological pathway data for easier creation, curation and analysis via the linked open data movement. He and his team took home first place for their pathway enrichment application created for the programming competition section of the Semantic Technology & Business Conference.

Reuben  Thomas

Reuben Thomas

Staff Research Scientist, Ph.D.

Reuben is the primary statistician in our group, and has published benchmarks on the performance of various ChIP-seq peak-calling tools.