Gladstone Genomics provides services, training and genomics resources to the scientific research community.


Gladstone Genomics Core

We process DNA and RNA into data by microarray and real time PCR expression profiling and next generation sequencing.

The mission of the Gladstone Genomics Core is to provide genome-wide analysis for clients interested in gene expression, regulation of gene expression, and genome sequence and variation. The primary forms of genome-wide analysis are the Affymetrix GeneChip microarray, Illumina MiSeq next generation sequencing, and Fluidigm Realtime PCR technologies. The Gladstone Genomics Core provides services to all the Gladstone Institutes, UCSF and other outside academic, non-profit institutions and commercial biotech companies. In addition to providing experimental expertise for performing microarray and high-throughput DNA sequencing, the staff provides advice and consultation on experimental design, and general analysis approaches for microarray and high-throughput DNA sequencing-based research.  

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