Bruneau Lab Dissecting Microscope

Leica MZFLIII stereo dissecting microscope with epifluorescence capabilities.  It includes a motorized focus so that z-stacks may be acquired as well.  It has illumination from the base, two gooseneck lamps, and a ring lamp around the objective for even illumination.  The magnification ranges from 0.71x to 11.5x, with an additional magnifications available through two different objectives, 1.0x or 0.63x.   

A Leica DFC 310FX camera is attached to a PC running Leica Application Suite LAS 3.7 so color images can be acquired.  

Training and support available through the core, please contact us for more details.

Filter Sets available:

Fluorophore Excitation Filter Emission Filter
mCherry 560/40 630/75
ET GFP 470/40 525/50
EBFP2/Coumarin 405/20 460/50
GFP Long pass 480/40 510 Long pass
Cy5 620/60 700/75

Useful Links: 
Getting Started docs
- Packet of documents that cover the basic rules of usage and parts of the scope, including the filter spectra and camera specs.