GIVI Zeiss Observer

Zeiss Observer Z1 with epifluorescence, phase, and bright field capabilities.  It has a monochrome camera for optimal fluorescence imaging as well as a color camera (ICc 3) for bright field applications.  

System is running Zen 2012 on a 2013 fully loaded PC workstation.

Training and support available through the core, please contact us for more details.

Sample Preparation:
This is an inverted microscope capable of imaging standard sized slides and optically suitable plates. Normal plastic tissue culture plates do not work well on this system as they do not have correction collars. Correction collars reduce the resolution of the lens.

Cubes available: 

Fluorophore Exciter Filter Dichroic Filter Emission Filter links
Texas Red BP 560/40 FT 585 BP 630/75 Zeiss 45
FITC / Alexa 488 BP 470/40 (HE) FT 495 (HE) BP 525/50 (HE) Zeiss 38 HE
DAPI / Hoescht 365 FT 395 BP 445/50 Zeiss 49
DsRed BP 550/25 FT 570 (HE) BP 605/70 Zeiss 43 HE

Objectives available (including links to objective pages):

Fluar 5x / 0.25NA
EC Plan Neofluar 10x / 0.3NA / Phase
EC Plan Neofluar 20x / 0.5NA / Phase
EC Plan-Neofluar 40x / 0.75NA / Phase

Plan Apo 63x / 1.4NA (Oil) / DIC 

Useful Links

Zen 2012 lite - Windows based (no mac) program for opening Zeiss files and converting to other formats, basic manipulation of the images and can provide information on how the original image was taken.
Getting Started docs
- Packet of documents that cover the basic rules of usage and parts of the scope, including the objectives and filter sets.
GIVI Peripheral docs - Packet of documents that cover the incubator, UV lamp, and cameras.
Zeiss ZEN docs - Quick guides for getting started with ZEN 2012, multidimensional capture, and image export and import, as well as the full user guide.