Getting Started

The Gladstone Histology and Light Microscopy Core is here to help you with your research histology and microscopy needs.

Histology can be a complicated and confusing subject. All steps from dissection and fixation through processing, sectioning and staining are important to get right. When tissue is removed from the body there is a rapid activation of proteolytic enzymes involved with tissue decomposition. In order to view tissues in as 'life-like state' as possible it must be processed immediately for the best results. In most circumstances this is done through immediate fixation using paraformaldehyde or formalin. More information on techniques available can be found on our histology services page

Imaging your biological samples appropriately, whether they are fixed histological samples, live cells, or whole organisms, is also critical to producing accurate results. Whether you desire quantifiable results, a publication quality image (or both!), everything will run a lot smoother if you think about your options before design your experiment. What equipment is available to you? Confocal or epifluorescence with deconvolution? Which fluorophores do I use to best match the optical parameters of the microscopes available? What type of processing or analysis will be required, and what file type would be most compatible?

We strive to provide you with the best knowledge to perform your experiment successfully. For optimal results please come to talk to core staff in the planning stages of your experiments!

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