Microscopy Services

The Gladstone Histology & Light Microscopy Core houses a number of microscopy systems for various types of high-resolution imaging of histological samples, including:

  • Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Polarized Light, & Epifluorescence Microscopy
  • Spinning Disk & Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
  • Lightsheet Microscopy & Optical Projection Tomography (for whole embryo/organ imaging)

We provide training and support services for independent users, as well as more advanced image processing services, including:

  • 3D Deconvolution & Rendering
  • Image Analysis
  • Quantitation

Core members provide consultation and assistance with all aspects of experimental design, sample preparation, image processing, and data analysis. Training includes advice on general microscopy principles and techniques, as well as specific information about the microscope of interest. We can also assist with optimizing acquisition settings for particular samples, and provide training and support for image analysis software, including Imaris, ZEN Pro, and ImageJ. Training and support is provided for an hourly recharge fee. 

Please talk to core staff prior to starting your sample preparation to make sure the reagents you will be using match the equipment that we have available.

Available Microscopes

View all available microscopes here.

How to Request a Training

The core uses iLab for all service requests and online booking:

     1) Sign up for an iLab account

     2) Visit our Request Services page

     3) Initiate the "Instrument Training Request" option

How to Request Microscopy Imaging by Core Staff

     1) Sign up for an iLab account

     2) Visit our Request Services page

     3) Initiate the "Microscopy Imaging by Core Staff" option

Payment Information

Please make sure to include payment information with your request:

For Gladstone Researchers, a recharge index number are required before work can be accepted into the core.

For Non-Gladstone Researchers, a PO and accounting address is required to start the request.