What is iLab?  iLab Solutions provides web-based services designed to streamline research operations. Gladstone uses Core Facility Management for service requests, equipment reservations, project management, reporting, and billing.

Recommended Browser. Firefox is the preferred browser when using iLab. You may also use Safari or Chrome when working with the iLab application. Internet Explorer does not behave consistently for some iLab functionality depending on the version. iLab is addressing this. Download Firefox here.

iLab Accounts
   To register for a new account, please contact the Core Manager for help and instructions.
   Login to your existing account: gladstone.corefacilities.org

iLab Help Resources
   iLab Chat Tool - click on the chat link or popup at: www.ilabsolutions.com
   Login to iLab and use the online support portal
   Email your questions to: support@ilabsolutions.com
   Call iLab Support at 617.297.2805 (Eastern time business hours)
   iLab support page: www.ilabsolutions.com/why-ilab/ilab_support
   iLab FAQ page: www.ilabsolutions.com/contact_us_ilab_solutions/faq