As the director of this institute, I have the privilege of mentoring mentors, as well as all the trainees in my own laboratory. In addition, I co-mentor some of the trainees in other Gladstone laboratories and a number of faculty members at UCSF. Although there clearly are some general mentoring principles that are useful to follow in most situations, I strongly believe in tailoring mentorship to the particular needs and potential of each individual. I greatly enjoy this process and believe that it has helped me create an adventuresome team spirit and an uncompromising standard of excellence in our institute that have critically contributed to its success and the individual growth of its members.

Postdoctoral Fellows
The Mucke lab offers opportunities for multidisciplinary training in disease-related neuroscience with a particular emphasis on cognition and neurodegenerative disease. Scholarship and research training are individualized to allow for biomedical or more basic scientific interests and career development. Dr. Mucke chaired the committee that developed Gladstone’s Mentoring Standards. The following links provide a list of his
Past Trainees and general information on Gladstone’s Postdoctoral Fellows Program.

Ph.D. and Undergraduate Students
Dr. Mucke is on the faculty of several UCSF graduate programs: the Neuroscience Program, which is a component of the Program in Biological Sciences (PIBS), the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Program, and the Medical Scientist Training Program(MSTP). Undergraduate students from different programs at UC Berkeley have also been accepted into the lab.

Medical Students and Resident Physicians
As an avid physician-scientist, Dr. Mucke also participates in the training of medical students and neurology residents at UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center and San Francisco General Hospital.

High School Students
We are eager to relate our fascination for the nervous system to young students who might grow up to develop cures for the diseases that currently rob people of their ability to think, remember, and control their lives. The Mucke lab participates in UCSF’s High School Student Summer Internship Program and encourages applications to this and related initiatives.

General Public
Dr. Mucke also participates in public lecture series organized by the Northern California Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Research advances discussed in these lectures are likely to usher in a new era in disease management and give rise to justifiable hope among Alzheimer patients and those providing for their treatment and care.

The Gladstone-UCSF community offers a large number of lectures, seminars and journal clubs, featuring local experts as well as outstanding scientists from around the world. Dr. Mucke established the weekly GIND Seminar series, which provides a stimulating and highly interactive forum for the presentation and discussion of innovative research in basic and disease-related neuroscience.