May 2013: Holly Ramage presented her HCV research at the Gladstone 2013 Retreat in Asiolmar, Monterey, CA. 

April 2013: Gregory's research featured on BayViroClick here for feature

April 2013: Mingjian  gave a talk entitled 'The NAD+-Dependent Deacetylase SIRT1 as a New Regulator of T Cell Senescence in HIV Infection' at the Keystone Symposia Immune Activation in HIV Infection: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Implications in Colorado. 

March 2013: Gregory and Daniela received the Gladstone Career Advancement Award.  Congratulations to both! 

March 2013: Pao-Chen's work from her former lab is published in Cell Reports as the Cover Article.  

February 2013: Gregory Camus' research on NS5A and DGAT1 interaction published in JBC.  Congratulations Gregory! 

January 2013: Dorothee Vogt Alatorre's work on connections between TIP47 and Lipid droplets accepted for publication in PLoS Pathogens.  Congratulations, Doro!!


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