Lab Members

Timothy  Borbet  (Alumni)

Timothy Borbet (Alumni)

Research Associate I

Originally from Long Island, NY, Tim received his B.S. in Biochemistry from American University and M.S. in Biology from New York University. He joined the Sanjabi lab as an Amgen Scholar and returned to the lab in October 2013. He is interested in the mechanisms and interactions associated with host-viral interactions. Outside of the lab, Tim enjoys running, biking, spending time outdoors, and exploring California as an east coast native.

Benjamin  Cohn

Benjamin Cohn

Graduate Student

A native of Portland, Oregon, Ben received his BA in Biochemistry and Spanish from Grinnell College, in Grinnell, Iowa. He is a PhD student in the Biomedical Sciences Program at University of California at San Francisco and has joined the Sanjabi lab to conduct his thesis research. He is investigating the role of the immunoregulatory cytokine TGF-beta in the gut, in a) generating antigen-specific memory and b) establishing tolerance to viral infection.

Shahzada  Khan

Shahzada Khan

Postdoctoral Scholar

Shahzada is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of host immune responses that determine the outcome of a host-pathogen interaction. He received his PhD in biomedical sciences from Kumamoto University, Japan and MS in microbiology from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. His focus in Sanjabi lab is to investigate the role of immune-suppressive cytokines during antiviral (LCMV and HIV) CD8 T cell responses utilizing various knockout and humanized mouse-models. He enjoys photography, movies, long-distance driving and science.

Julie  Luong

Julie Luong

Research Associate I

Julie joined the Sanjabi lab in April 2013. She grew up in Stockton, California and received her B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Developmental Genetics from the University of California, Berkeley. Outside of the lab, Julie enjoys volunteering, walking dogs at a local animal shelter, attempting to learn how to dance, and watching I Love Lucy reruns.

Malu  Robles

Malu Robles

Administrative Assistant III

Malu received her B.S. in mathemathics from the University of the Philippines in Manila. She enjoys traveling, cycling, and watching indie films.

Martin  Trapecar

Martin Trapecar

Postdoctoral Scholar

Martin is interested in understanding the entanglement of epithelial tissue, immune system, and microbiome during mucosal organogenesis and their interconnectedness during host-pathogen interactions.  After receiving his PhD in biomedical technology from the Medical faculty, University of Maribor, Slovenia he joined the Sanjabi lab to investigate the mechanisms involved during chronic viral infections through biomimetic 3D modeling and the use of iPS cells.

Erik Woodruff

Research Associate I