The Gladstone Histology and Light Microscopy Core is open to Gladstone, UCSF and the greater Bay Area science community. We provide excellent service, collaboration and support for many histological techniques, light microscopy and advanced imaging, image processing and quantitation.


Patient-specific dermal fibroblasts reprogrammed to form induced pluripotent stem cells and differentiated into cardiac myocytes
Heart aortic root section stained with ORO showing extensive atherosclerosis of valves
Mouse bone stained with HE
Optical Projection Tomography image of chicken head
HE serial section slides
Rat brain stained with HE
Fatty liver and Oil Red O staining
Picrosirius staining under bright field and polarised light
b-gal stained embryo viewed under a stereoscope
e14.5 embryo at the 4-chamber heart transverse level

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