Srivastava Lab Upright Microscope

Leica DM4000 B with epifluorescence, bright field, and dark field capabilities.  It has a Leica DFC 500 camera for color imaging.  

System is running Leica Application Suite LAS 4.4 on a 2013 PC workstation.

Training and support available through the core, please contact us for more details.

Sample Preparation:
This is an upright microscope with a wide range of objectives for standard coverslipped slides.  The 63x objective is optimized for #1 or #1.5 coverslips, with a thickness averaging of 0.17mm.

Cubes available:

Fluorophore Exciter Filter Dichroic Filter Emission Filter links
TRITC BP 546/12 565 BP 600/40 Leica N3
FITC / Alexa 488 BP 480/40 505 BP 527/30 Leica L5 ET
DAPI / Hoescht BP 360/40 400 BP 470/40 Leica A4
Texas Red BP 560/40 595 BP 645/75 Leica Tx2


Objectives available (including links to objective pages):

1.25x PL Fluotar / 0.04NA
4x HI Plan / 0.1NA
5x PL Fluotar / 0.15NA
10x PL Fluotar / 0.3NA

20x Plan Apo / 0.7NA
40x Plan Apo / 0.85NA
63x HCX Plan Apo / 1.4NA (Oil)

Useful Links:

Srivastava upright scope docs - Packet of documents that cover the basic rules of usage and parts of the scope, including the objectives, filter sets, and camera.