Lab Highlights


May, 2018
Our paper was recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 38, May 2018 Issue Click to read full article.

Jeanne Paz was a guest speaker at the University of Calgary, Canada for CURE 2018

Dale Tager was recently accepted to Emory School of Medicine, and was awarded the Helen W. Dobbs scholarship!

March, 2018
Frances Cho presented her research at the 2018 UCSF Grand Slam competition! Link to Article

Feb, 2018
Frances Cho’s paper was recently published in the Science Magazine, February 2018 Issue Link to full article

Jan, 2018
Trinidad Arceo a former 2017 PUMA’s intern in the Paz lab was accepted into the McNair Scholars Program


Frances Cho named a Moritz-Heyman Discovery Fellow! She was chosen for her leadership potential, excellence in research, community- mindedness, and communications skills. Congratulation Frances!

Stephanie Holden won the 2017 Trainee Professional Development Award. The award from the Society of Neuroscience is given to selected students to promote the advancement of career training for neurosciences. Congratulations Stephanie!

Allison Morningstar is awarded a scholarship to present her results at the SACNAS conference. Congratulations to Allison and her mentors Stephanie Holden and Frances Cho!

Ana Chkaidze is awarded a dual scholarship to start a graduate thesis at the University of Nevada. Congratulations Ana!

Stephanie Holden is awarded a second year of funding as part of UCSF's Achievement Awards for College Scientists Scholarship. Congratulations Stephanie!

Alexander Urry starts graduate school at Yale University! Congratulations Alex!

Trinidad Arceo’s poster presentation at Gladstone Institutes 2017 PUMAS Summer internship programs. Congratulations to Trinidad and his mentors Alexander Urry and Stefanie Makinson!

Alexandra’s paper published in Cell Reports

Alexandra’s work highlighted in the news:

Study Could Help Explain Link between Seizures and Psychiatric Disorders

Stefanie Makinson receives the Leadership Award of the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease

Frances Cho passes the Neuroscience qualifying exam

Stephanie Holden named finalist in GradSlam 2017 of the University of California San Francisco. Video: “The Epileptic Brain: Rewiring After Injury”

Jordan’s paper on Thalamus and Absence Epilepsy is published in Neuron


Paz lab awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation

Paz lab awarded a grant from the Department of Defense

Paz lab awarded an R01 grant from the NIH/NINDS

Jeanne Paz: Profile of a Scientist

Brain Symphony: Lennart Mucke and Jeanne Paz have discovered how to control the cacophony of electrical activity in the brain, stopping seizures and reducing deficits related to Alzheimer’s disease

Charell Sherman admitted to Washington UC Davis Program

Stephanie Holden passes the Neuroscience qualifying exam

Stephanie Holden awarded the ARCS (Advancing Science in America) graduate fellowship

Stefanie Makinson’s paper in collaboration with Eric Huang's lab is published in Cell

Stefanie Makinson awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Dravet Syndrome Foundation and American Epilepsy Society

Stefanie Makinson awarded the Career Advancement Award, Gladstone Institutes

Frances Cho awarded the National Science Foundation graduate scholarship

Alexandra Clemente awarded the Karl Storm scholarship to attend the Gordon Research Conference meeting on Thalamus in Ventura, CA

Stephanie Holden and Frances Cho awarded the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) travel awards to attend the Gordon Research Conference meeting on Thalamus in Ventura, CA


Alexandra Clemente passes the Neuroscience qualifying exam

Jeanne Paz awarded the International Michael Prize for "Best Research in Epilepsy"

Stefanie Makinson in the local news for organizing an outreach event for high school students in San Francisco
November 13, Stefanie Makinson a postdoc from the Paz Lab, showcased some of her work at San Francisco International High School, the newest public high school in San Francisco. After receiving a tour of the school, Stefanie spent the morning speaking with students interested in pursuing career paths in science.

Charrell Sherman awarded a Promoting Underrepresented Minority Advance in the Sciences (PUMAS) summer internship from the Gladstone institutes, to study the pathophysiology of cerebral stroke


Paz lab awarded the R00 grant from NIH/NINDS

Alexandra Clemente awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate scholarship