Transgenic Gene Targeting Core creates genetically modified mouse models for Investigators at Gladstone, UCSF and outside institutions.


The Transgenic Gene-Targeting Core has been an integral part of the Gladstone Institutes UCSF research community for more than 20 years, producing essential mouse models as a service to Investigators at the Gladstone Institutes, UCSF, and other research institutions.

The services include microinjection of DNA for producing transgenic mice, microinjection of ES cells for producing gene knock-out mice, and 8 cell microinjection for producing 100% ES cell derived mouse embryos or mice.

New! CRISPR-mediated knock-out and knock-in services are now available.

We work with the UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core to provide a full-range of gene knock-out and knock-in services.  Please contact for custom TALEN/CRISPR and ES cell targeting services.

Transgenic and knockout technologies enable investigators to learn how specific genes and proteins, or their variants, function in a natural living animal environment with a defined genetic background in ways not possible by other experimental approaches. At the Gladstone Institutes transgenic mouse models have been used to understand how specific genes affect atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, AIDS, and other diseases and disorders that impact modern life.