Physical Exam for the Cell
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Cell Lines
The Cells Grow at 33C

Generation and Characterization of Embryonic Striatal Conditionally Immortalized ST14A Cells
J. Neurosci Res 53:223–234, 1998

ST14A Cells have Properties of a Medium-size Spiny Neuron
Exp. Neurol. 167:231–266, 2001

Cell Culture and Slice Techniques
Brain Slice Culture and Transfection Protocol
Lo Lab - Center for Drug Discovery

Culture of Primary Neurons and Cell Lines

Dissociated Cultures of Cerebellar Neurons
Old protocol from Hank Dudek

ES Cell Culture

Forskolin/IBMX Treatment to Boost Expression
Neuronal culture treatment (for enhanced protein expression)

Freezing Cells

HiB5 Care

Poly D-lysine/Laminin Solution

Primary Culture of Cortical Hippocampal Neurons
Most recent protocol for the culture of rat cortical/hippocampal neurons

Primary Striatal Neuron Culture Method
Modified protocol by Jason Miller for improved neuron survival. Method is generalizable to other primary neuron cultures besides striatum. Also contains recipes for all solutions needed. Posted January 2010.

Reagents for Hippcampal Cultures
Greenberg Lab (2/93)

Cytochemistry Techniques
Beta-Gal Staining in Primary Neurons
Z. Xia, Greenberg Lab (4/94)

Brain Slice Preparation

Immunostaining on Glass Coverslips
Hank Dudek, Greenberg Lab (10/95)

Labeling of Nuclei with BrdU and PI for FACS

Staining Methods for Cell Death

DNA Techniques
Cloning from Beginning to End
Steve's outline of cloning plasmid DNA

CsCl Prep of Plasmid DNA

DNA Laddering
Hank Dudek (8/95)

Hank's Maxi Prep

Large-scale DNA preps using DMAE columns
Michael Lin (1998)

Mini-plasmid Preparation
D. Grant McFadden

Preparation of Electrocompetent Bacteria
Michael Lin

Real Fast Mini Preps

Manuals & Spec Sheets
Qiagen QIAquick Spin Handbook
Protocols for PCR purification, nucleotide removal and Gel extraction of DNA

Stragene Quikchange Mutagenesis kit

Macros for Data Analysis in Excel
Analysis of Calcium Imaging Data

Protein Techniques
3B5H10 Fab Purification

Alternative Western Blotting

Cell Lysis/Western/IP
Complied 6/95 by AJS from AB

Column Buffers: CREB

Coupling of Phospho-ELKtide to KLH

Gel Drying

Human staining with 3B5H10
Nga Bien-Ly

Immunoaffinity Purification of Antibodies
(SEK 12/12/95)

Immunoprecipitation Buffers

Lysis Buffer

PhosphoCREB Immunostaining (Neurons)

Preparation of Affinity Column
(SEK 5/3/95)

Preparation of Electrocompetent Bacteria
Michael Lin

Protein Buffers
(6/95 by AJS from AB)

Purification of a 6-Liter Prep Expression of TEV Protease, DMH
(May 2006)

Purification of TRX-Exon1Htt39Q-His

Purification of TRXHtt39Q and 3B5H10 Fab Co-complex


Slot Blot Filter Assay Protocol
Membrane filter assay for detection of amyloid-like polyglutamine-containing protein aggregates (book section)

Subcellular Fractionation

Western Blot for 1C2, 3B5H10, and 4C8 Antibodies

Western Blot for Anti-HA
Method from Marc Diamond

Western Blot for Anti-pCREB
Old protocol from David Ginty

Western Blot of TBP from TBP-GST Bacteria

Cell Lines
Chroma filter orientation instructions

Recipes for Lab Solutions/Buffers
General Stock Solutions For Molecular Biology

Mini-gel Solutions

Solutions for Primary Neuronal Culture
Complied 6/95 by AJS from AB

RNA Techniques
Northern Blott Analysis
J. Curtis (3/00)

RNase protocol

Single Step RNA Isolation

Transfection Techniques
Amaxa protocol

Brain Slice Culture and Transfection Protocol
Lo Lab - Center for Drug Discovery.

Calcium Phosphate Transfection of Primary Neurons
Modified protocol by Jason Miller for significantly improved reproducibility, transfection efficiency, and survival. Contains significant differences from older Finkbeiner Lab protocol. Also contains recipes for all solutions needed. Posted January 2010.

Calcium Phosphate Transfection of PC12 Cells
M. Greenberg Lab


Six Well Cell Transfection of 293 Cells
Method devised by Marc Diamond

Transfection of NGF-differentiated PC12 Cells
Zhengui Xia (12/13/96)

Transfection of PC12 Cells with Lipofectamine

Protocol for Distributing Reagents

Gladstone Style Book for Composing Figures